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Sheila Johnson is the owner of” One Stop Bridal Package” formerly known  as “Bridal Package”and still has the  known for her ability to translate the dreams of each client into a unique and awe-inspiring reality.  As a wedding consultant for many years, Sheila and her team are the exceptional people that will provide their clients with extraordinary personal care and quality service by making sure that the special day, your wedding day is a blessed and memorable occasion.  Sheila  has over 20 years of experience in coordinating weddings and receptions.

Additionally, Sheila Johnson is a Certified Wedding Coordinator and has conducted wedding planning and wedding coordinator classes as the west coast representative for 7 years as part of the International  Association of Wedding Planners, which was an Atlanta, Georgia based organization and has also been a contributing writer for the national bridal magazine “Wedding For Us”. She is currently the Wedding Planner of the historic First Baptist Church of Los Angele.  She and her team have vast knowledge of wedding venues throughout the Los Angeles area.

We hope that this website will help you gain wedding planning insights on “One Stop Bridal Package” services we provide and that it will inspire you while planning your own dream wedding.

3 of the Most Important Wedding Tips from Sheila:

Be flexible and keep your options open when planning your wedding and reception. Saturday evenings may not always be available to reserve the exact date that you wish to have for your wedding and reception.

Especially during the peak wedding season months of May through July.  As an alternative you may want to consider a Saturday afternoon or maybe a Sunday afternoon  or another option is to have your wedding as a Friday evening event. These options can offer more availability of dates and a more flexible range of packages and discount pricing.

The two special items that complete the total bridal attire look are often purchased too quickly and is not totally thought through. The two items are the purchase of your wedding veil or headpiece and the purchase of your wedding shoes. Often the purchase of the bridal headpiece is done without complete consideration for the style of your wedding gown. Special care should be taken in choosing your veil or headpiece. The vision of a “radiant and beautiful bride” is a veil or headpiece that enhances your face and fits your hairstyle and complements your wedding gown. The pricing for custom designed millinery headpieces  is about the same cost as a ready-made headpiece and does not need to be specially ordered in advance. The choice of pearls, beads, sequins and or lace on your headpiece or veil should be made to show your personal style especially for you.

Your wedding shoe selection should be made with comfort in mind. Your wedding shoes should be worn first around the house on a carpeted surface ahead of our wedding day to break in the new shoes. Your wedding shoes must and should be comfortable. Select a wedding shoe that compliments your wedding gown and personal style. Fabric shoes can often be dyed to match the shade of your wedding dress.  Your wedding shoe should be taken to all bridal gown fittings. Remember shoe comfort should be a top priority.

Every bride should have a bridal emergency kit on the day of your wedding. The bridal emergency kit should have the following items in it:

  •  A list of phone numbers of the bridal party and all vendors
  •  Sewing kit with matching thread, safety pins and scissors.
  •  Touch up make up, skin cleanser, moisturizer and make up remover
  •  Lotion
  •  Deodorant , toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash
  •  Antacid and breath mints
  •  Fingernail polish color to match nails and clear nail polish to stop nylon runs
  •  Hair styling items such as a hair dryer, curlers, comb, brush, mirror, hairspray  and bobby pins
  •  A extra pair of hosiery for the bride and bridesmaid
  •  Kleenex and handi-wipes
  •  Portable iron or steamer
  •  Spot and stain remover
  •  Anti-cling spray, and tape
  •  Some extra cash, and coins along with a portable camera

One Stop Bridal Package Mission:
To provide you with  personal care and quality service by making sure that your special wedding day and/or Special Event is a blessed and memorable occasion.